• Advice for a mom-to-be from 2 moms
Advice for a mom-to-be from 2 moms

Today's Guest Bloggers for Bonjour Baby Baskets biweekly posts are the lovely ladies at Spoiled-One. Shay and Vicki are sisters-in-law and business partners of Spoiled-One.  Even though they have each other to go to for most things, going into motherhood was the whole new world for the both of them.  It was “trial by fire” for them, and they had to learn a lot on the fly. It was an incredibly challenging experience but they loved it and gained so much in the process.

After speaking to many moms and sharing our “first-time momma trials and tribulations”, we all seem to agree on the eight points below.

 1.    Go easy on the outfits

Buying a whole wardrobe for your baby before he/she arrives isn't the best idea, as you won't know how big he/she will be and they’re usually most comfortable in their sleepers.  Want a tip? Buy a few sleepers in newborn size (up to 7lbs) and a few in the 0-3 month range, then buy more as your baby grows out of them (which will be quicker than you expect).

 2.    Don’t overstock on gear early on

Buying all the baby gear in advance is not ideal, as babies are unique little creatures and can be very picky. They don't all like the same stuff, so save your money. Wait until baby is here and ready to use the stuff.  Big-ticket items that are temporary such as swings should be tried out before committing to them. Speaking of which - Spoiled-One allows parents to “try before they buy” to ensure that any future purchases are a good fit. (Shameless self-promotion!)

 3.    Prepare for more than one of everything

You will most likely get more than one stroller.  Once your baby grows out of the Cadillac, you will probably downsize to a lighter stroller, especially if you are constantly in and out of a car (Spoiled-One has a wide selection of strollers for different stages of your baby’s life). This goes for other things too – bikes, car seats and booster seats to name a few.

4.    Say bye-bye to sleep

Expect to go without much shuteye for the first few months. You won't know how you did it once you get past that stage, but trust us – you will get through it!

5.    Save time bottle-feeding

If you are bottle-feeding, buy drop-ins, as newborns feed very often and you won't want to constantly be washing and sterilizing bottles.

 6.    Teach them to sleep right

Sleep training, whichever method you choose, will help you and everyone in your household to sleep better at night – something everyone needs to be happy and healthy.

 7.    Get ready for life changes

Believe it. There will be much more work and less fun for mommy and daddy. But all work and no play make parents dull people. Get help from family so that you can spend time with your partner and never lose the magic that started it all :)

 8.    Take it easy on you

You know who puts the most pressure on moms?  We do. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make mistakes as a mother. Take it easy and remember that it is a learning experience for everyone.  A good mom is someone who always strives to be better and who never gives up on her kids.


Ultimately, motherhood is an imperfect job but incredibly rewarding. Every little bit of help and piece of advice goes along way, so feel free to share our tips with friends and family.


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