• DIY Decorated vases and Baby's Breath Crown
DIY Decorated vases and Baby's Breath Crown

A little while ago I adventured to “DIY” (Do It Yourself) Decorated Vases for my daughter’s Baby Shower. She also asked me if I could design a baby’s breath crown for her. Although I didn’t have any idea on how to do it I just put my creative hat on and I went for it.  I don't know about you but I can never say no to my kids when they ask for my help.  

I have to say that it was easier than what I thought  it will be and super economical.


So here it is: 

For the decorated Vases

Vases from a dollar store

Burlap ribbon about 1"

Gold ribbon about 5/8"

White ribbon about 3/8" 

Glue gun



First measure the contour of the vase with the burlap ribbon and cut to fit tight around the vase. Glue to attached the burlap ribbon to the vase. Then cut the 5/8" gold ribbon also tight around the vase also cut a long string of  the thin white ribbon to go around the burlap long enough to make a cute bow. You can glue it a tiny bit so it will stay in place.



For the Crown

Baby’s breath

Green wire

Green floral tape



First form a halo to fit the head you’re crowning, then cut the baby’s breath in tiny branches. Place them against the wire and wrap around it with the floral tape. Continue all around the circle until you are all done.  So easy!! I was able to do it the day before the baby shower. I kept it in the fridge from the night before and it was perfect. 

We will be doing a mini version of the crown for our grand baby first photos!!


Hope you enjoy doing this fun craft!

With love


  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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