• Budgeting for Corporate Baby Gifts
Budgeting for Corporate Baby Gifts

It’s July, baby boom season has hit and you’re in charge of the corporate gift, the co-worker present, or the client gift basket. What’s the difference? What to do? How to budget? Worry not, this exact concern is why I started Bonjour Baby Baskets. Working in the corporate world I often found it difficult to find elegant, useful, and luxurious baby gifts for work- related recipients. Along the way I figured out some guidelines.

Budgeting for Corporate Baby Gifts

With a straight up corporate gift, that is — a baby welcoming gift from your company to either an employee or a client, your team leader or HR manager will often dictate the price range. Typically you’re looking at $200 and up as a company starting point. We have plenty of options beginning at this price point and suggest leaning towards a neutral baby basket for a corporate gift as you may not know the recipient’s favourite colours and styles. 

Budgeting for Corporate Baby Gifts

The corporate baby gift basket is not to be confused with a group of colleagues coming together to gift a larger item. In a group collection there’s several factors to consider.  If the work team or colleague group is big consider advising people to give what they can. This takes the pressure off of you and allows each person to contribute in accordance with their financial comfort level or relationship to the work recipient.  A work acquaintance may give $10, while a work mate may contribute $20 and up. With a colleague gift, do make a more personal choice in terms of colour and style since your are likely to know more about the recipient’s desires and tastes.

Budgeting for Corporate Baby Gifts

Both these types of giving differ from personal gifting.  The rough direction; for a close friend consider $50 and up, for close family $100 and up. With these types of gifting we offer Bonjour Baby Gift Boxes, beautifully packed with individualized curated items.  There’s one rule to rule them all: do not spend beyond what you are comfortable giving.  The thought you put into the right item is it’s value be it a pair of buttery soft booties, an organic sleeper, or the poshest of basket.

We are certain they’ll appreciate your generosity no matter what you give and are available to help should you require it.

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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