• Earth Day 2021
Earth Day 2021

With human life indoors and online, I’m hooked on watching videos of wildlife reclaiming urban settings: wild boars stomping through Haifa and Barcelona, flamingoes veiling Mumbai in pink, and hilarious penguins prancing through the streets of Cape Town.The anthropause, I believe, delighted everyone. With street, sky, and water traffic quieted, the air and noise pollution significantly lessened, thus the creatures with whom we share this rock came out to play.

Where I live, coyotes, rabbits and foxes which were previously an undetected part of the city landscape started walking around like they owned the place. Bird watching for sanity and generally just taking in nature on a more intimate level has become my reprieve. My hope is that as vaccination roll-out takes form and we start to move careful footed towards reopening, we do so with thoughtfulness and calibration of the planet’s needs. Isn’t it about time we started caring for the mother earth?

It has been our mandate from the very beginning to bring you products that are made all the more luxurious by the use of natural materials and production processes that are environmentally sound. This year we present the gender neutral Sweet Baby Gift Box containing 1+ In The Family’s recycled cotton jumper, beanie, and blanket, along with Ringley’s chemical free teether — designed and manufactured in Canada. On the smaller side products like Pinch Toy’s sustainable wood and non-toxic painted Duckie are made to be reusable and recyclable. A special gift on this Earth Day? Go for the Earthy The World Ball by Oli and Carol, which is 100% natural rubber and pairs with any one of our sweet organic Petit Bateau onesies or Oeuf’s cherry themed welcome home baby set.

Recycled Cotton Welcome Baby Gift Box at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Organic Terry Baby Teether by Ringley at Bonjour Baby Baskets - Best Baby Gifts

Pinch Toys wooden duck toy at Bonjour Baby Baskets - Best Baby Gifts

Earthy the World Ball, rubber toy by Oli and Carol

Cherries Organic Cotton Baby Gift by Oeuf at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Breath deep everyone, lets keep a good thing going - Happy Earth Day!

With love, Susana

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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