• How to order the best corporate baby basket - Hint: it’s what’s inside that counts
How to order the best corporate baby basket - Hint: it’s what’s inside that counts

They say business isn’t personal, but for us the opposite holds true. Bonjour Baby Baskets was born around the family dining table, where a conversation turned into a passion project and ultimately, a thriving business. 

While searching for a gift for one of our clients, I discovered a lack of high-end corporate baby baskets. Sure the marketplace had some options, but too often they were plastic toys wrapped in a load of cellophane, with ‘meh’ looking onesies.  I started this business to fill that void, always offering exclusive, perfectly curated and one-of-a-kind baby gifts.

For companies, sourcing a quality gift that is treasured by colleagues and clients is no small challenge. If you do not personally know the recipient or are not a parent yourself, theres added pressure to choose a gift that people will love. But not to worry - we’ve garnered a few tips to help you gift through this year’s baby boom:

Gift Size

  • Not too big, not too small. City dwelling spaces are tight. The last thing you’d want is to inconvenience the new parents with a gift the size of the nursery dresser.  Likewise, be generous but don’t outdo the collective grandparents’ budget.

It’s what’s inside the box that counts

  • Remember, this is a gift in celebration of new life. Best practices include sticking with stylish, quality pieces and accessories that parents will treasure for years to come including:
  1. Quality baby clothing and soft textiles made by brand name designers from around the world.
  2. Safe, heirloom, handcrafted wooden toys
  3. Classic Books for baby’s first library


  • Step away from the bling, the flashy, or a look that’s too much.  Quality, durability, and a timeless aesthetic will please both parents and clients.  If you do not know the new parents or their style preferences, you may consider sticking with gender neutral colours and patterns.

Think outside the box. Look for presentation that is multi- functional. Our one-of-a-kind baskets are handmade from customized wool blend felt. Simply designed, we intend for our baskets to be reused in multiple rooms through multiple stages.

Think locally. Include local artists and artisans with your consumer choices.  This will make your gift one-of-a-kind.

Here are two current client favourites that illustrate our points:

Sweet Baby Gift Basket

Sweet Baby Girl Basket: Sure a ruffle here and a bow there indicate a baby girl, but this basket  does not scream Princess.  Meant for the early autumn climate, these hand selected items are of the finest quality from the clothing by designer 1+ In the Family, to the accoutrements perfect for a baby outing including the perfect accessories for a professional curated look.

Dino and Friends Baby Gift Basket

Dino and Friends Baby Gift Basket:  Everything about this basket says soft comfort. Featuring Petit Bateau, this practical and neutral baby gift, is perfect for a corporate baby gift, including safe wooden teether and a collectible toy from Maileg.  

If you found our tips helpful, let us know. Have more to add? We’d love to grow the tips list, so leave us a message.




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