• It's Cashmere Baby
It's Cashmere Baby
As the trees shake off their last leaves leaves, we get excited for not just sweater weather but especially The Sweater. The one that drapes perfectly, the one that is ohhh sooo soft. That one. Not only is mine made out of cashmere, but I’ll bet that like yours, it is the stand out closet item year in, year out. Wait, you say, my baby can have some of that luxury? Sure can, and here’s why your little sweetness should enjoy this winter staple. Made of the underbrush of certain goat breeds, this superior yarn has been used for centuries for its incomparable properties : warm, naturally derived, moisture absorbing yet breathable, and soft, it is suitable for the most sensitive of skin - yes, even babies!

Oh I know what you’re thinking, baby clothes and dry cleaning? In fact, gentle washing makes cashmere plusher and more luxurious with every use. The best part is, that much like The Sweater it has lasting power. Not only will your baby love wearing it this season, but it can be handed down to the next baby, and the one after that, looking and feeling as good as ever. Our elegant cashmere baby gift boxes include: stroller blanket, hat, mittens and booties, in an assortment of subtle colours.

Cashmere Baby Gift Boxes at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Cashmere Baby Gift Boxes at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Les Lutins, out of Paris, uses only materials that are Oeko Tex certified on their simple and timeless designs. This season, cashmere is as suitable for baby as it is for mommy!

Les Lutins Cashmere Baby Gifts at Bonjour Baby Baskets

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