• Meet the designers: Interview with Sophie Demenge from Oeuf
Meet the designers: Interview with Sophie Demenge from Oeuf

This is one of my personal favorite designers! They are creative, innovative, super cool, excellent quality and their commitment to an ecological and sustainable production has made it one of the most respected and independent brands in the market. It is our pleasure to introduce Sophie Demenge from Oeuf.

Michael Ryan and Sophie Demenge are the husband-and-wife team who created Oeuf


We love hearing the stories of  how companies began. Can you tell us a little bit more about your story that lead to the creation of OEUF NYC?

Oeuf started out of the needs I had when I became a mother.  At the time, simple, elegant, modern crib design really didn’t exist.  As my husband Michael and I were designers, the most natural thing for us was to design one!  Obviously, I was not the only mother who was looking for this type of product, and our Classic Crib was an instant success.  Similarly, I started to want baby clothing made with natural materials and the kind of quality that would last, but I didn’t find anything I liked.  So our baby alpaca knits and organic cotton layette soon followed.     

 Oeuf Animal Hoodie in Bambi, Everyday Pants in White, Flag Garland in Rose/Multi, Love Rug, Black Cat Shaped Pillow in Night/Multi, Egg Pillow in White/Yellow

Oeuf Baby Peace Sign Sweater in Indigo

How OEUF has evolved since then?

Oeuf has really developed its own voice, which I think is unique.  We have a very distinctive style, a special charm that resonates with kids as well as parents.  And now we are really a lifestyle brand, with a full range of products including organic bedding and home décor as well as clothing, and our furniture takes kids through all stages from baby to teen.  It’s all still based in our fundamental values of quality and sustainability.  But as my kids have grown up, it is less about what I need; it’s about what our customers need and want and love to see from Oeuf. 

Oeuf knitted Heart Hat in Rose/Red, Sock Booties in Rose/Red, Neckie in Rose/Red Dots


Oeuf bambi sweater

We love your creativity in all the lovely products that you design! Who inspires you?

I’m actually inspired most by everyday life.  What I see around me in Brooklyn, whether it’s at the food co-op or a visit to the museum or the park, or just my daily walk to the office.  We’ve done some great items such as handmade baby alpaca stuffed broccoli-shaped pillows, or a knit brownstone building.  Oeuf is really successful in showing people the charm and humor in the everyday. 

Oeuf Mouth Shaped Pillow Braces in Red/Multi

Oeuf Pima Cotton Layette

We’ve followed your travels stories to Bolivia where a fabulous group of women knitters from Fair Trade Women’s Collective make your adorable designs. We would love to know more about the ‘behind the scenes” of OEUF production. 

Absolutely, I can never share enough about how special this is to me.  I have been working with our knitters for over a decade, many of the same women, although the group has also grown tremendously and we’ve been about to support more and more families through our work.  We have so much fun working together; we’re really laughing all the time as we’re working on new ideas.  And the things they are able to do in knits keep astounding me.  It’s definitely far more than a business relationship, it’s like a big extended family at this point. 

Bolivia Fair Trade Women’s Collective




We love OEUF NYC and we have followed your creations since the beginning, what are your plans in the near future? 

We are in the early stages of some exciting collaborations, so hopefully you will hear more about that in 2017.  We continue to develop the Oeuf lifestyle, including more products that appeal to adults for themselves.  With new products like our desk, or our hand-loomed rugs, Oeuf is not just for kids anymore!  We’ve really grown a lot and are now available all over the world, in some amazing retail stores, but we also want to keep Oeuf special and unique, and local.  So we’ll be doing more exclusives and limited editions to keep offering our customers something new and fresh all year long.   


Oeuf Bunny Sweater


SEAN CASEY PET PROJECT with OeufAnimal Rescue Oeuf Project

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