• What Gift Should I Get for a Newborn Baby Girl?
What Gift Should I Get for a Newborn Baby Girl?

What’s the perfect gift for a newborn baby girl? BONJOUR BABY BASKETS offers a selection of the best luxury baby baskets.

A couple of weeks ago I welcomed my third granddaughter to this world, what an absolute privilege and what joy. A thought occurred that it was a perfect opportunity to pen a little something for those who are unsure what to gift for a newborn girl.

What gift should I get for a Newborn Baby Girl?

We speak quite a bit about neutrals and their place for those who are unsure or for a certain aesthetic. Call me old fashioned, but I do believe there’s still place to celebrate gendered aesthetics. We love a sweet bow, some florals and this year’s trendy Peter Pan collar.

There are two determining factors to consider: First, do you know the parent’s taste? And second, what is your budget? Click on our Girls drop down menu to find plenty of choice in all sorts of styles.  Our luxury baby gift baskets include an outfit, accessories from booties to sun hats, a swaddle, board book and a toy or rattle. If the mom is super girlish herself you might veer towards the Fairy Garden, or Belle  baby gift baskets. If she's big on fun graphics check-out Cherries or Yellow Flowers. For neutral/urban selection you’ll see Hearts, and so many more.

Best Baby Girl Gift Baskets

On the matter of budget, our range is quite wide with equal attention to packaging detail, curated selections, and premium products. Go small as a token where you can Build Your Own Basket (BYOB), or large with heirloom baskets such as Cozy In Pink or our Baby Cashmere Box sets.

What Gift Should I get for a Newborn Baby Girl?

Cashmere Baby Gift for a Newborn Girl

Newborn Baby Girl Gift Ideas at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Still uncertain? By all means do get in touch, you’ll notice a new chat bubble in the website to grab us for guidance.  Though not me at this very moment. I’ve got a fresh little girl to love. Like all the newborn girls out there, she’ll grow strong and do great things, but for now let us all celebrate their gentle sweetness.

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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