• Susana’s Favourite Holiday Baby Gifts
Susana’s Favourite Holiday Baby Gifts

Little things mean a lot to us (our raison d’être, one might say). Most of the goods we procure come from smaller operations with smaller scale runs. We stand behind quality over quantity any day. As such, with the holiday season ahead, here are some of my favourite little gifts to light-up Hanukkah or as Christmas stocking stuffers. Best of all I’m talking under 100$, with some even lower than 30$, because the best gifts are given with a generosity of spirit regardless of the width of the wallet. 

Favourite Holiday Baby Gifts

In terms of outfitting bebe, a warm jumper for the coming months is sure to be appreciated. 1+ In the Family’s checked polar jumpsuit is a trendy unisex hug in caramel and black. A one gift wonder. Rylee and Cru’s take comes in a hip paint splatter pattern, or the seasonably themed gingerbread snuggly jumpsuit. A pack of three onesies in the classic mariner stripes by Petit Bateau will always be a welcome and much used gift. My favourite bits of baby (as though one can actually choose) are those little nubbly yummy toes; keep ‘em fashionably warm in Amimoc’s baby sheepskin leather Mocs. 

Susana's Favourite Baby Gifts

Play is everything and small objects become much loved items in no time. Oli and Carol’s Agatha Ruiz de la Prada heart shaped teether says it all. The Celia Soft Doll by Hazel Village, is bound to become a smushy, mushy, much loved friend for adventuring. If you prefer a seasonal twist, Maileg’s big sister Christmas mouse might just be the cutest critter in town. And finally, for the really itty bitty little ones in your life, Ubbi’s bath toys, cloud and droplet or starfish simply can’t be beat for bath time fun. 

Susana's Favourite Holiday Baby Gifts

Susana's Favourite Holiday Baby Gifts

Great things do come in small packages so be sure to check-out our accessories section and spread some holiday cheer.  

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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