• Timing Etiquette for Baby Gifting
Timing Etiquette for Baby Gifting

In life, as they say, timing is everything, and so too when it comes to baby gifting. Ten years in, my daughter’s friend still laughs about the time older family friends showed up gift in hand bedside at the hospital, “It was day three, I was sweating hormones, and worried about the baby latching, and there they were, dropping-in to meet her and say goodbye before they left the country. We still laugh about it. The circumstances were nutty, the gift lovely, and they remain some of my favourite people but on that day it was a lot”. We have a standard take on etiquette surrounding the subject: avoid the immediate two weeks post birth.

Timing Etiquette for Baby Gifting

When gifting in advance, do wait until the third trimester by which point the safety of mom and baby are ascertained. Advanced gifting with baby showers, allows parents to take stock of what they may still require. Do keep in mind that in some cultures it is considered gauche or even bad luck to gift pre-birth, so let them signal their preference.

Timing Etiquette for Baby Gifting

Post birth, it is appropriate though not necessary to bring a token when visiting the baby for the first time. At first, parents are often overwhelmed and adjusting to their new roles. The beauty of gifting once baby has arrived, lays in choice and precision.  Simply put, you can learn the baby’s size and purchase for weeks ahead accordingly. While parents receive plenty for newborns, items for six months and up when less stuff is coming in and baby grows at a thrilling rate, are always greatly appreciated.

Timing Etiquette for Baby Gifting

As for our timing, allow for 48 hours to complete orders and keep in mind delivery time. We are certain your recipient will rejoice in the quality and luxury you’ll shower on their little one.


  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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