• We got this! Bye 2020, Hello 2021!
We got this! Bye 2020, Hello 2021!
Here we are, friends, closing out this strange year. The 2020 encapsulated lists are everywhere, though this year they ring different.  Top movies delayed, newly released music with little fanfare, muted news moments that now feel century old, and so it goes...
Know what did not go unnoticed? What was celebrated to the moon and back? Your dear little ones.

In this year of trials every birth was a celebration supreme. Every baby a promise of hope, resilience, and joy. Finding your footing as parents and grandparents without your community in huggable proximity, couldn’t have been easy. We are, however, certain it made you stronger, and quickened your self-assurance in your new roles.

To you and your precious little ones our gratitude is plentiful. You brought the light - and so much of it - to these unprecedented times.  To our clients, we thank you for your continued support. Keep at it; small local businesses sure do appreciate your backing. Much like baby’s growing stages, collectively, we too will all be nurturing, adjusting, and taking those baby steps towards a new normal.

Know that everywhere you go that little creature of yours brings a smile to a stranger’s face, and that as new parents the world over finds inspiration in you. This new year belongs to you. 2021 we’re ready for ya, here we go!

New Year 2021

With love - always - The BBB Team
  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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