• Winter fun - Best activities to do with your baby
Winter fun - Best activities to do with your baby
Old man winter got you feeling down? We’re the first to admit there’s nothing as delicious as snuggling that babe of yours over the cold months but going out is also important to your recovery and to baby’s development. Some options to get you going:

Swimming: -20 degrees Celsius might make you think twice, however, water is greatly soothing for both of you. Don’t let the weather deter you, winter pool time is all about preparation.  The Little Unicorn Diaper Backpack is just the bag to haul all the swimming necessities.  Danica’s Hammam Turkish towels roll-up compact without sacrificing on quality and softness. For baby, check out trendy Fendi’s Bag Bugs Baby Towel or Petit Pehr Designs Noah’s Ark hooded towel. Gaia baby wash and cream are perfect for the post pool baby rinse. And finally, pick a simple warm, easy to maneuver onesie like 1+ In The Family’s baby jumpsuit with feet. Add Oeuf’s Alpaca Knitted Baby Bunny Booties to keep tiny tootsies toasty.

Yoga: Baby’s gonna get mat time no matter what, why not combine it with yours and meet some new moms, as well. Warning: your cheeks might hurt from all that smiling, and your body will get the ultimate healing and calming experience. This is a yoga of pure joy. David Fussenegger’s blankets provide warmth en route and extra soft padding for baby yoga mat play. We also recommend bringing along a muslin blanket for that added layer of cloudy softness. Which one? They are all charming with prints for just about every stylistic persuasion.  

Movies to Museums: If it is still early days and your body is sore we can’t recommend this option enough.  When was the last time you found yourself at a matinee’? Or leisurely strolling through a gallery or museum? Come prepared with a full outfit change (or two) for the little one, which should include layers to combat the cold of outside and adjustments to indoor comfort. Simply put, get out of new mommy headspace and treat your mind. These are also welcoming calm environments for feeding.

Tell us, mamas... do you have any other fun activities to do with your babes during the long winter months? We would love to hear. 
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  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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