• Us and Him - Review
Us and Him - Review

My friend Jorja and I have known each other since we were around 12. We did a theatre day camp together during the summer. We reconnected via social networking in our late teens, and remained connected pretty much until now. Jorja married a great guy, and they're happily expecting their first child, a son, VERY soon! She invited me to her baby shower, and I really wanted to find the perfect gift for her and her son. I came across Susana's company Bonjour Baby Baskets via Instagram around the same time, and fell in LOVE with the stunning arrangements.

I contacted them right away and after chatting about some ideas, Susana offered me a discount on a basket in exchange for a review. I happily agreed, knowing I'd be over the moon with whatever she sent us and would have plenty to say! She gave me a few baskets to choose from in the price range that I gave to her, and I picked one with an adorable elephant outfit, bib, and some all-natural bath products. When it arrived it was packaged so perfectly, I didn't have to do a THING! AND she even sent B an adorable wooden bunny puzzle just to say thanks. It was so kind.

The basket everything came in is made with a strong wool, and tied with a colour co-ordinating ribbon. It was wrapped with tulle instead of cellophane {eco-friendly = happy planet, yay!}. Something especially cool about the basket everything comes in is that it can be re-used for whatever you'd like! In fact, Jorja posted a photo to Instagram after her shower and I noticed that she was using the basket for all of the cards she received at her shower. And who knows what else she can and will use it for in the future. Maybe even to store diapers!

My basket looked so sweet amongst the rest of the gifts on the table, and all the colours went so perfectly with everything else. Unintentionally! We had some yummy treats and spent time chatting with the other ladies at our table. I was seated right by the gifts so I was able to enjoy Jorja's reaction when she opened our gift. She absolutely loved it.

See the basket there? Looking beautiful and waiting to be opened? Love it.

I didn't take any pictures of Jorja's reaction because I just wanted to enjoy the moment in "real life". My favourite thing about gift giving is the opportunity to see the recipient's reaction to your gift, so that was the best part of the day for me. And B got to play with the tissues and ribbons, which made her very happy!

Anyway, the day was wonderful, and I truly owe a lot of that to Susana and Bonjour Baby Baskets. She saved me the trouble of searching for the perfect gift, because she provided it to me! The process was super easy. And if you want to order from the website, you can either pick from the pre-made arrangements, or you can BYOB - build your OWN basket! SO fun.

The products used in the baskets are high quality, brand name/luxury baby items, and the toys are chemical free and safe for play. Plus BBB is located in Toronto, so shipping was super fast. A big bonus since I truly left choosing to the last minute. It arrived just in time!


  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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