• Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts - Baby Girl Edition
Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts - Baby Girl Edition
Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day Baby Girl Gift?
Lovely Kelsey,  from Kelsey Diane Blog has created the perfect combo for a BYOB (Build Your Own Basket) and we love what she wrote about us!!

Valentine's Day Baby Girl Inspiration Gift by Bonjour Baby Baskets

It seems like everyone around me is either pregnant or just had a baby.
My youngest baby girl just turned five yesterday and I'm having a pretty hard time accepting the fact the my babies aren't really babies anymore.

I spent the majority of the day yesterday looking at old baby photos and swooning over all things baby.
So much has changed in the baby market since I became a mommy for the first time seven years ago.
Guys, baby stuff is SO much nicer now!!

One of my favourite online baby boutiques is Bonjour Baby Baskets. They are a Toronto based shop and I can't wait for the next baby shower I'm invited to so I can gift a new mom to be one of their luxury gift baskets. If you haven't checked out their boutique yet I highly suggest you do.

I love that each basket is filled with luxurious products made by different brands.
You can customize your own basket here or if your life is as busy as mine you can choose from one of the already made baskets for girlsboys or gender neutral

Valentines Day is around the corner and I know when my girls were babies I would've loved to spoil them with one of these beautiful baskets. 
  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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