• 3 Reasons To Gift Organic Baby Products
3 Reasons To Gift Organic Baby Products

Wondering what’s so special about organic baby products? Learn about three benefits below.

As bébé makes his arrival, among the advice on sleep schedules and tummy time, you are sure to read about organic baby clothing but is this legitimately something to consider? We think so, read on for why organic is the better choice.

  1. Chemicals: In those first weeks baby’s skin is so sensitive you use the softest touch. Non-organic cotton is one of the most chemically treated crops around — pesticides are used in production while formaldehyde is a common finishing agent. Synthetic fabrics contain petrochemicals and plastics. These can cause irritations on baby’s delicate skin, especially if prone to eczema. Organic baby clothing is made of natural materials (cotton, wool, bamboo, silk) using organic processes like crop rotation, mechanical weeding, and low-impact dyes, thus ensuring potentially harmful substances do not touch baby’s skin via a onesie.

    3 Reasons to Gift Organic Baby Products

  2. Cost vs Durability: Are organic threads pricier? You bet. Are they better? Yes, indeed. Organic cotton tends to be spun of denser longer fibres, which translates into a fabric that grows softer with use and is hardier. Between the spit-up and the blow-outs baby changes numerous times a day. Lesser quality fabrics pill and lose shape with every wash leading to frequent replacement purchases. In other words, the poorer the quality the more you end up spending. Buying better is buying smarter.

    3 Reasons to Gift Organic Baby Products

  3. Green Goddess: Did becoming a parent make you feel connected to mother-earth? Maybe you were always eco-friendly. Buying organic products means supporting better practices all around. The fashion industry is one of the worst polluters. Chemicals from the production and manufacturing processes are disposed in the ground, water, and air. Fast fashion has us all paying more, both personally and globally.

    3 Reasons to Gift Organic Baby Products

    3 Reasons to Gift Organic Baby Products

At Bonjour Baby Basket we do the work for you by finding high-end brands that don’t swap  style for going green. We stand by the quality and adore offering unique baby baskets with the best for your baby and for tomorrow.

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