• How it all started
How it all started

How it all started

Most great ideas start when confronted with some kind of frustration combined with positive personal experiences. In my case was exactly that combo that made me think of creating Bonjour Baby Baskets.

When trying to find special newborn gift baskets for clients and coworkers I was increasingly frustrated with the lack of quality baby gifts – gifts that parents will actually treasure. Don’t get me wrong, the options were many, but most of the websites selling Baby Gift Baskets show products with such low quality that I doubt anybody will be interested in keeping them. What a waste…

I think baskets are great gifts. They are a very popular way to express your sentiments. They are cute, everything is in one convenient container and you can make a gift basket for any occasion.  You can probably do it yourself by spending a lot of hours going to different baby boutiques trying to find the perfect combo for your bf or family member. This is what we do at Bonjour Baby Baskets – we take the time to locate the most perfect little items and group them together on your behalf.  I get super excited every season, when I receive the new products that will be part of a well thought-out, artistically arranged and exquisitely curated baby gift baskets.  We take the time to find the perfect designer clothes, natural products, the softest blankets and toys for that special new baby, and we love every minute of it.

It probably all started during childhood… I have memories of going to elegant clothing stores with my mom, trying on fancy designer dresses in our own large special room full of mirrors. I loved the feeling of soft fabrics on my skin and the smell of new leather shoes.  It probably helped a little that I went to Visual Arts School and that I have an eye for beautiful things.

I just love what I do, I truly do, and I hope you can see the joy that this brings me on every basket I curate.   



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