• What is in your baby registry? (Part II)
What is in your baby registry? (Part II)

A couple of weeks ago we were talking about what was in my daughter’s baby registry and we mentioned some of the must have’s and some of her faves. This week we will add to that list some of the necessities divided in categories to make it easer for new mamas to follow.

These are our faves that, after lots and lots of research, we decided were the best for our family. We never received any of these items free for review nor we received any compensation to make this list. This is our honest opinion based on our own findings.


Diapers : Cloth diapering or disposable?  We chose disposable diapers for our grand baby but that is totally a personal choice. After looking around we decided for the Bambo as it has the best reviews. Not too easy to find in Canada and price tag is a bit steep but we are excited to try them and let you know first-hand reviews.


Wipes: It appears that the wipes companies are sneaky with the ingredients as per various reviews online. We are going to try the Jackson Reece that have the least ingredients  and don’t have any nasties.

Diaper Bag: We love Oemi bags, they are beautifully made in Canada in 100% Italian leather with lots of space for carrying anything you need and more. If you are thinking  in a diaper bag that both you and your hun can share the one from Leader Bag Co  will be your choice but they are currently out of stock. (following them in IG to see when they will be back)

Diaper Pail: A must! We chose Ubbi, again best reviews and mommy’s opinions and we love the fancy colours too.

Nappy rash cream:  We’ve already talked about this one in our previous chapter. Matter Company Nappy rash ointment is the best in our books.


Digital Thermometer : I think it is best to invest in a good quality one. This is a product that you will use a lot and you need accuracy.  The Braun is our choice

Baby Nail Scissors or clippers: Baby’s nails grow very fast and you need to keep them short so they will not scratch their face. Sometimes simpler is better. The Clear View Nail Clippers from Safety 1st are great and an inexpensive choice.

Soft baby brush: We are a bit biased on this one. After looking around the best baby brush is the one we offer in our website. A super soft bristle brush and comb set handmade in Great Britain by Kent.  Kent Brushes was founded in 1777 by William Kent in the reign of George III. Kent holds a pre-eminent place in the history of brush making, with an unbroken record of excellence in the quality of its production which has been recognized by the granting of Royal Warrants for nine reigns.

Bulb Syringe: It will happen, baby will be congested and they can’t blow. This Nasal Aspirator by NoseFrida, it’s doctor-invented and it actually works wonders in  your babe tiny nose.

Teething toys: Oh…yeah the teething stuff. You will need more than one teething toy. Baby’s love natural wood, silicone, and anything they can chew during that period. We love the Chewbeads in 100% silicone with bright colours. The Heimeiss ring and Ringley are also our faves.


That’s it for now mamas, If you are interested in us reviewing other "must products" for your babes, please let us know, we are always open to your opinion and suggestions.

With love



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