• Twinkle Little Star Inspired Baby Shower
Twinkle Little Star Inspired Baby Shower





It was a magical day full of love for the mom to be surrounded with family and friends. We could do it all over again in a flash!  I still  remember the running around until the last minute, the decisions on the details and hoping that everything will turn as it should be. We really wanted this day to be perfect for my daughter, she had waited so long for this moment, the moment of knowing that you have a little person growing in you, that soon you will be a mommy and that you will hold your beautiful baby in your arms and shower her with tones of kisses.

I am lucky that my son in law’s mom is such a wonderful friend and super organized, I would have been lost without her!! Where to start…choosing the venue was the first, we had a large group of beautiful mamas attending so choosing The Hunt Club was an easy decision, we were hoping that the weather will cooperate that day and luckily for us it was a perfect sunny day at the end of September. The food and the ambiance at the location was superb!! We did a couple of games, not too many. The "Advice Tree" was a hit, everybody wrote on the stars and hearts a little recommendation for the mom-to-be and she loved this thoughtful keepsake. 

Let’s talk  about the cake for a minute! That cake was delicious!! We looked at Pinterest for inspiration as the theme of the shower was Gold and White Twinkle Little Star. We always order our cakes from Chocolada and let me tell ya', they didn't disappoint…not only it was pretty but delicious too. Vanilla custard and raspberries topped with vanilla buttercream, my mouth is watering just to think about it.

We did most of the decoration ourselves, with a little help of Etsy and the talented mompreneurs that we love to support as much as we can. I love how the photos show the wonderful flow of this great day, thanks to our photographer Whitney Smith.  

This Baby Shower was like a dream come true for my daughter, for us (the moms) it was perfect and we are so thankful for the opportunity of sharing it with so many of our friends and family. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

With love


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