• Luxury Baby Gifts? Yes, Please
Luxury Baby Gifts? Yes, Please

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“Luxury Baby Gifts? – Yes, please”

When thinking about occasions that involve gift giving, the birth of a new baby it’s an important one. It can mean lots of pressure, especially when it concerns to public gift unwrapping and the fact that, differently from birthdays and anniversaries, baby showers happen only once. Gift givers want to give something that will make an impact. It is all about getting something special —not that set of six glass bottles from the registry, which are very practical but don’t have a “wow” factor.

Looking for that unique gift that is thoughtful and stylish is not an easy task. It requires lots of leg work and visiting more than one store. Sometimes a little touch of extravagance may appear as a wasteful gift but that gorgeous cashmere romper and matching beanie will sure create some ahh’s and ohh’s from family and friends attending the shower. In addition, once the baby outgrows it, it can be passed on to siblings. Luxurious cashmere is the perfect material for babies, soft, warm, lavishly cozy and they make perfect exquisite gifts.

That element of surprise is what gifting is all about. A gift that will be treasured; stylish and practical, but not ONLY practical. A gift that has been carefully thought through and that will not be something that the parents will purchase for themselves.

Parents receive so many gifts in newborn sizes and although tiny clothes are super cute, it is always welcomed to receive sizes for 3 or 6 months for gifting. Always remember the season when the item will be used.

We love how high fashion designers are now incorporating their baby or “nest” lines to their collections. Perfect for spoiling that little one. From Fendi to Cavalli and Galliano, and other new upcoming designers all have beautiful selections of lavishly fun and trendy baby gifts that will be the centre of attention when opening them.

Same as luxury baby clothing, heirloom dolls, beautifully hand-crafted hair brushes and wooden toys will be gifts that will be treasured and kept for future generations or as keepsakes.

Overall, from Indie fashion to traditional design you can never go wrong with luxury baby gifts for that special tiny human. The parents will truly appreciate it, after all, birthdays of any age deserve a special gift from a fairy godmother.

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  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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