• Cream Cookies Recipe - From my Mom to you!
Cream Cookies Recipe - From my Mom to you!

I’ve recently came across my mom’s old recipe notes. They are hand written with firm grip in a now yellowish paper that probably was white at one point. They are in Spanish and they don’t have many details as she probably did them so many times she only wrote some measurements and bare explanations.


I remember having this particular cookies while I was a child and I remember their taste as it was today. It is funny how we re-collect the weirdest things…a smell, a taste and usually an event that was particularly important in our lives.

When I looked at this aged piece of paper I imagined her lovingly dedication in making something so tasty for her kids and to honour her life I decided to try to make them!

Not an easy task, let me tell you, but I tried my best.

They looked and tasted very similar to what my what my memory remembered but not sure if it was just hopeful thinking. My kids though that they tasted pretty good and they were gone in a flash.


300 grams of heavy cream (yeah...lots of butter and cream)
300 grams of butter
3 table spoons of sugar
1 egg
Unbleached flour (no measurement on my mom's recipe)

Translating from her notes it says:

"Mix everything until forming the dough, flatten to 1/2 cm, brush with the egg white, sparkle with sugar and add a half pecan on top" 

So... after trial and error...

1)Mix the cream and the butter with the egg yolk
2) Add a cup of flour until the dough is firm. 
3) Flatten the dough to 1/2 cm
4) Brush each round with egg white and sparkle with sugar, add a half pecan on top
5) Bake at 350 until the base is brown as shown. 
6) Yummm...enjoy! 

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