• Babies on the GoGo! - A Guide to travel with your baby
Babies on the GoGo! - A Guide to travel with your baby

Here we are, in the dog days of summer when so many go on vacation from cottaging to visiting loved ones all over the map. Nervous to venture out with a newborn? There’s no need, travelling with baby is a parenthood rite of passage. Will baby cry? Probably, at some point.  Will you feel self-conscious or anxious? Probably, at some point.  But here’s the thing, other passengers will smile fondly at you as they recall their first trip with a now grown kid. Some might lend a helping hand and comforting words.

We’ve complied tips to get you off and away be it by plane, train, or automobile. Preparation is key. Do pack two/three sets of extra outfits made of easily changeable layers. Do bring more diapers and bottles than you might for a similar duration because accidents, delays, and rerouting happen. Do take turns with baby to give each other much needed rest.  And remember, while you may be living in the baby dimension, other travellers are not, so mind your baby etiquette in public. 


Between feedings, diaper changes and getting into a sleep schedule for the family the first months are better to stay close to home, but babies are great travellers on a plane. After 3 months and before they start running around, is the best time to take them on a flight.


The beauty of train rides is the added space for stretching and storage. For new parents,  the ability to walk up and down the aisle to soothe and amuse baby might just make train travel the most relaxed and preferred mode of transportation. 


The older the child, the easier it is to find amusement from story podcasts to car ride games to controlled screen time. Happily babies do not require much diversion. Concentrate on the playlist for auditory soothing.  Take turns sitting in the back so that baby can interact with you both over the car ride.  When baby snoozes, join her, so that your spirits and energy keep pace with hers. 


Travelling by plane, train our automobile these travel tips will help you for a better travel experience with your babe:

  • Bringing a car seat could be really useful during the flight since it is the safest way for babies to fly and it can be used later on your car rental or in public transit. Ask the airline if you can bring it on the plane.
  • Encourage your baby to breastfeed, suck on the bottle or pacifier during takeoff and landing to avoid pressure in your baby’s ears if you are travelling by plane.
  • Ask the airline or the train if they have diaper changing facilities.(very helpful for your first in-flight change).  Bring a portable change pad that you can use everywhere. Also inquire about bassinets. Some airlines offer them to be used on the bulkhead rows. 
  • There are always some delays and accidents happen, so plan for extra diapers, extra change of clothing for you and baby, formula or baby food, snacks and water (lots of water)
  • Slings are a great option in a plane for a fussy baby and to help him/her fall to sleep. Also great to explore outdoors during your travel.

Bon voyage little darlings!

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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