• Baby (and mommy) First Holiday Parties, the Do's and Don'ts
Baby (and mommy) First Holiday Parties, the Do's and Don'ts


Christmas Party Table Decoration

Ah, the holidays. The glitz, the glamour, the parties, the stress… and the baby!

Pre-baby: elegant outfits, your honey by your side, colleagues, drinks, food, merriment, and finally some much needed R&R. 

Post-baby: hormones, milk, fatigue like you’ve never known, and really, should you bother going to the Chrismukkah work bash? At Bonjour Baby Baskets we answer with a resounding YES!

Between finding a clean shirt and finding your parenting legs, we know the party scene might feel like a bit much. A party, however, is just the thing to give you a much-needed break.  True it is all about the baby, but we urge you to use this to your advantage and make it the most enjoyable party season yet.

Your colleagues are likely itching to see you, to congratulate you in person, and to meet your little one. Brave this party and you will find coworkers who are seasoned parents delighted to hold (with freshly washed hands) your baby, giving you the opportunity to make the rounds and converse about something other than diapers.

Do get dressed-up, but keep it unfussy, as you may need to feed and change your precious bundle. The same goes for the baby, outfit your little one in party ready attire, but remember a happy baby is well fed, dry, and comfortable. Troubleshoot for the environment and the season by bringing layers for the baby in case of a draft or alternately a warmer space due to a crowd. A change of cloths for you both is wise because... spit-up happens.  Incorporate a sling into your parent/baby ensemble, as babies are masters of napping, yes, even at parties.

Baby Wearing Linen Sling

This season we are feeling these festive baby looks:

This beautiful baby dress by Italian designer Il Gufo is perfect for the Holiday Season.  The upper section is embellished with a white fringe and the skirt is in soft grey linen.

Il Gufo Party Baby Dress at Bonjour Baby Baskets

This Hucklebones pinafore dress in dark navy is fully lined and will look perfect with some leather flats and a cute bow headband.  

Hucklebones Luxury Baby Dress at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Timing is everything, and by now you probably know your baby’s exit cues. Thank your baby for the fun out–of-the-house adventure and for getting you to hightail it before the awkward dance moves begin.

Are you ordering a baby gift basket during the holiday season? May we suggest you avoid overly themed purchases and instead focus on luxury products that don’t trade in quality for holiday pizzazz.  Ultimately, it is lovely to pick some sweet party threads for a sweet baby, but bonus points if they get continued use weeks after the festivities are done. Here are our top baby’s first holiday picks.    

 Baby First Christmas Baby Gift Basket at Bonjour Baby Baskets

 Petit Bateau Luxury Baby Gift at Bonjour Baby Baskets

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