• The Heir and The Loom
The Heir and The Loom

Autumn has us feeling sentimental and thinking of old memories and new ones to be forged. What makes for a unique heirloom, a piece to be treasured?  

Heirloom Baby Gifts - Blog The Heir and the bloom

It seems like every five minutes there’s a new fad to simplify one’s life and declutter the home especially in preparation for the hibernating months. Expectant parents get the added jolt of nesting. Perhaps you have hung on to a silver spoon or cup engraved with your name and birthdate from your grandmother. Maybe in the back of that drawer next to the paper clips and sherbet coloured lipstick that never worked, resides a precious bone or tortoiseshell baby comb and brush set. 

Long before I started Bonjour Baby Baskets I fell in love with quality fabrics and unique design. The heirlooms that ‘brought me joy’ were much-loved tactile objects that reminded me of my children’s first days. And believe me, I carried these objects through multiple moves and many of life’s ups and downs. 

Baby with Heirloom knitted romper passed from generations

A baby’s first sweater set, little booties, even a worn quilt passed on from parent to child; later become the playthings for a grandchild’s doll. Loved and lived in, such items seem to carry the essence of a baby long after that child becomes a parent. I kept something from every baby and later my babies followed suit.  It is with the same care and attention to detail that we select products to fill our luxury baby baskets. I like to think of it as passing on the love from our family to yours. We hope that in each basket a parent might find that one item to treasure for generations to come.  

Angel romper by Marie Chantal

Quilted Blanket Poppies by Little Unicorn

 We would love to see what your parents kept from your babyhood. A hat? Socks? Even four generations of spoons, or that comb and brush set proudly displayed on your vanity for that vintagy vibe. Please share your heirloom pictures with Instagram hashtag #bonjourbabybaskets or send us an e-mail at info@bonjourbabybaskets.com What might you keep for your baby?

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