• Baby Gift Baskets for Dads
Baby Gift Baskets for Dads

Often ordering a gift basket for an expectant colleague or client could turn to be a complicated matter and we wondered if the matter was further complicated if the gifting was for a new dad instead of a new mom? An informal survey (we chatted with friends, family, and parents from our grandkid’s school) turned up some interesting findings. Many men did receive useful gifts ranging from gift cards, to gender-neutral baskets filled with baby supplies. Yet, dismayingly, we found some baskets jokingly referenced the clichéd dad’s new toolbox. 

Daddy Baby Wearing - Slings are perfect gifts for new dads

If you are gifting for a male colleague, client, relative, or friend we urge you to take the same care in selecting exclusive items as you would for the female counterpart. After all, parenting is a shared and equal responsibility. Such gender stereotyping is altogether inappropriate for both expectant same sex couples and straight couples. Instead of a daddy survival kit, select a luxury basket filled with items that dad and mom, or dad and dad, will lovingly bond over. 

We are big believers in quality over quantity. Fewer products made of refined materials will please any parent over too many ill fitted stiff onesies and plastic toys. All parents want to wrap their new little human in love and comfort. Check out our designers to find many organic options and fun patterns from established design houses.

Don’t assume an aesthetic.  There are all manner of fathers. Stick with an elegant and unique basket and it will please the gamut from the most refined man to the most rugged … and his chic spouse. We design our baskets with an aesthetic harmony in mind. Whatever your choice, it is sure to keep baby in comfort and high-style.

Baby Gift Basket in neutral colours

We wish you an easy gifting experience. If you need any help navigating your way through an order, please do get in touch.

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  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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