• We Got Baskets!!
We Got Baskets!!

The Holidays are over and we thought we might take a minute to focus on the vessel not the gift.  Yes, we know, it’s what’s inside that counts, but for us from the very beginning presentation mattered just as much as the unique products we source. Since our baby gifts are top-of-the-line luxurious, they had to be housed in a container that would benefit its contents.  Our search hinged on three characteristics: soft, elegant, and natural.

Having witness one too many plastic gift baskets and other such wasteful and unsightly containers, we found ourselves gravitating to a form that would fulfill function in a stylish manner without sacrificing our environmental concerns. Much like Persian rugs, baskets exhibit equal parts utilitarian and aesthetic purposes. This is as true of African baskets as it is of Indigenous American baskets. Used for transport and storage for thousands of years, the weaving often had to do with the natural materials available to any given region, which influenced its design.

Ceremonial Dilly Bag Arnhem Land Early 20th Century 

Wounaan Baskets

Naturally, the making of a basket evolved, from a craft into an art. From Roman mosaics, to Italian Baroque masters depicting baskets with as much flourish as the flowers and fruits in them, to the still light studies of Flemish interiors, the examples are endless and varied. 

When I started this business, I experimented with weaving. I don’t mind telling you that my children were not entirely convinced. Eventually, I found that felted wool could be transformed into beautiful baskets that might be reused in a Pinterest worthy nursery for organization and storage.  Felted wool has the perfect tactile character and the shaping of it would ensure less waste, a kind of gift that keeps on giving. To me, the simplicity and elegance of the material feels modern and authentic to the well curated baby gift.  It is  packaging that you can feel proud to gift to expecting family, friends, and colleagues this season.

 Natural Wool Blend Storage Basket for the Nursery

Luxury Baby Gift Basket by Bonjour Baby Baskets

DIY Baby Gift Basket


Hope you enjoyed walking through the history of baskets with us.

With love, 


  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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