• Baby Wearing: Keep Warm and Carry On
Baby Wearing: Keep Warm and Carry On

You’ve survived three trimesters, been rewarded with your greatest love and pardon, there’s a ‘fourth trimester’? If you’re unfamiliar the term, it refers to the first three months of a baby’s life outside the womb. This is developmentally a huge period for babies as they refine their senses, regulate their nervous system, and generally adjust to the world.  It is equally a huge developmental leap for parents as they learn to bond with their baby and adjust their lives. 

Potter and Pehar Babywearing Sling at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Potter and Pehar Baby Sling at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Baby wearing is nothing new.  Women the world over have been doing it for centuries, this accounts for the variety of designs. It is gaining in popularity and for a great many reasons. Baby wearing is the easiest way to promote skin to skin time, which is so essential for fostering closeness. The snug comfort of a sling  puts baby in rhythm with the parent’s physicality. This has been found to stimulate baby’s sense of touch, sooth fussiness, and ease crying.  Some have taken to calling it kangaroo care, so let’s hop to it and get down to the fun advantages:

Babywearing in the 4th trimestrer

Babywearing and the Fourth Trimester

The convenience is unparalleled.  Your hands are free and your little treasure can accompany you anywhere on any errand. For parents with more children it is a lifesaver. The ease of touching and kissing your baby is such a relief compared to unbuckling and re-buckling into a stroller for that baby fix. Having hit the mid-mark of winter, baby carrying provides you with your own little yummy heater. And finally, it is an equal opportunity baby tool and is as sweet a sight on dad as it is on mom.

Baby Sling in linen at Bonjour Baby Baskets

The best carriers support both parent and baby’s spine.  We have found Potter and Pehar to be incomparable in quality and cuteness and we've partnered with them to give one lucky mama one in your colour choice. To enter go to our Instagram account and follow the instructions.   

We’d love to see your selfies with baby in carrier so please share with us with the tag: #Keepwarmandcarryon for an extra entry in the Giveaway - we just couldn’t help ourselves. :)

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  • Feb 15, 2018

    I love baby wearing! As my little guy gets bigger (and heavier!) I have been thinking of replacing my soft wrap with a more sturdy ring sling. Would LOVE to try this one out!

    — Sacha

  • Feb 14, 2018

    Just started baby wearing with my newborn. So fat she loves It! I live the dark grey ring sling ?

    — Cassandra

  • Feb 13, 2018

    We’re expecting our first girl after two boys at the end of April! That pink is gorgeous and would be wonderful for babywearing this Spring!

    — Alexis Wyant

  • Feb 13, 2018

    I love wearing my baby! I find it so cozy and convenient! I haven’t used this particular sling but it looks so easy to use and there are so many beautiful colors to choose from!

    — Margaret

  • Feb 13, 2018

    I loved babywearing my little one. I’m expecting a little girl and would love to get a girly coloured ring sling. The sling was a life saver with my first little one.

    — Nicole

  • Feb 13, 2018

    I’ve always been a fan of babywearing, but it wasn’t until I tried my first Potter & Pehar baby sling that I truly felt like this is what I’ve been meant to do all along! Their linen sling is so soft and light, which makes it so comfy for both myself and babe. It’s been such a wonderful way for me to bond with my daughter while also getting some Mom tasks done. Love it!

    — Karmen @thissweetmamalife

  • Feb 13, 2018

    Love babywearing!! And that pink sling is gorgeous!!

    — Brooke Simonson

  • Feb 13, 2018

    Love baby wearing! The closeness of a new baby snuggled up against your chest is the best feeling ever! Ps. These slings are beautiful!

    — Kyla F

  • Feb 13, 2018

    Love baby wearing! The closeness of a new baby snuggled up against your chest is the best feeling ever! Ps. These slings are beautiful! ?

    — Kyla F

  • Feb 13, 2018

    Beautiful ring sling and awesome blog post!

    — Annalee

  • Feb 13, 2018

    Love babywearing – all the snuggles!

    — Joy

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