• Best Collection of Baby Gift Baskets - Spring/Summer 2019
Best Collection of Baby Gift Baskets - Spring/Summer 2019

This really amazing thing happened a week ago. I am calling it amazing because, in truth,  every year I find myself wowed by the power of this event. Bear with me here - last week Spring truly arrived! Whatever was left frozen and grey melted and though the wind hasn’t quit just yet, the underlying chill seems to be done. It is a funny time, these first weeks of April. The ground, the sky, and the tree branches can still be dull and bare but the songs of birds return and if you look closely shoots and buds speckle the grey earthy tones. Take in a deep breath, notice the change in smell, the longer daylight, and you feel reborn.  And birth, after all, is what we are all about here at Bonjour Baby Baskets.

We have been waiting and waiting till just the right moment to drop our baby delights fit for warmer climates. This year’s offerings are all about impeccable style for your baby. Before laid back late summer vibes infiltrate baby’s wardrobe, we are profiling the layers and classic silhouettes for those first outdoor excursions. Paz Rodriguez knits are so beautifully executed it is like holding heirloom pieces. We’ve matched a quiet green sweater with trendy palm print bloomers to give it a cool bump, and complemented the ensemble with the gentlest of peach accessories from a swaddle by Rylee and Cru, to the sweetest little bunny, teether, and Mocs. 

Luxury Baby Gift Basket featuring Paz Rodriguez

Paz Rodriguez Baby Gift Basket

A new favourite from Portugal, Laranjinha, offers a sky blue onesie (long sleeve version, and short kimono style) with colourful floral accents in the form of ties, collar, and in a nod to high fashion - a shoulder frill.

Luxury Baby Gift Basket featuring Laranjinha from Portugal

Steadfast Petit Bateau, offers the happiest of happy cornflower blue bloomers and sun hat with matching flutter sleeve sundress clad in a flower blue jay print - told ya the birds were back. This park stroll, cafe stop ensemble is a completed with mustard yellow sandals, teether, swaddle and cuddly. We predict this basket will fly off the shelves.

Adorable Baby Girl Gift Basket featuring Petit Bateau

For those preferring a softer palette and gifting for twins we present  the luxury Swiss brand Petit Stellou. In a departure for us, these will be presented as complete box sets, featuring a dusty rose or the gentlest of grey/blue onesie with matching baby soft wooden brush, wooden teether, plushy elephant toy, and swaddle. These are made for those seeking an understated but refined option.

Baby Girl Gift Box

Baby Boy Gift Box

Finally, not to leave out our urban trotting mamas, Karl Lagerfeld never disappoints in making baby, city cool. This basket is pure hip - grey black and white basics put together just so, or used separately, will look right at home be it Paris, New York, Toronto or wherever your streets... you are guaranteed to push that stroller in style. We wish you the happiest of springs.

Karl Lagerfeld Baby Gift Basket at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Browse more beautiful Baby Gift Baskets on our Spring/Summer Catalog  Hope you love it!! 

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