• What is Earth Week for Bonjour Baby Baskets
What is Earth Week for Bonjour Baby Baskets

Here at Bonjour Baby Baskets we celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the joy of babies. We also feel an added sense of urgency in celebrating the source of us all - Mother Nature. We delight in dressing your babies for it is these very babies that will grow to right the wrongs committed against the earth. While we select the cutest outfits available on the market, it is our hope, that you and your babies are out there connecting with the environment, looking good exploring the world together.  

From the very beginning it was important to us that we take care with the products we offer and their presentation so that our output matched our values. Our baskets are unlike any other. Handmade, sustainable, reusable, and 100% natural —  I wanted to house these carefully curated and arranged items in environmentally friendly packaging without sacrificing on aesthetics. As for what’s in the basket, well, the luxury products we source are more often than not made of organic materials with featured local designers. We believe in quality goods where the objective is to buy better both for the source of the goods and for the sturdiness of the product. You may have noticed we do not do fast fashion. Rather, we focus on pieces that can be considered heirloom later on, and toys made of natural materials that are reminiscent of ones you, your parents, or even their parents may have played with. 

Natural wool baskets

We want the items you purchase to withstand play and many washes and still not be disposable. We want to nurture a generation that gets quality over quantity thus producing less waste. We want natural over plastic. From this Earth Day and everyday thereafter, we need to practice these tenants so that we leave a better legacy for today’s little ones.

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  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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