• Daddy and baby on Father's Day
Daddy and baby on Father's Day

I am in a swanky restaurant wrapping up a family meal with several members spanning several generations of my clan.  A father and his baby emerge from the back patio (yes, patio weather has at long last arrived!) and proceeds to sit at the front bench while waiting for his wife to join them and leave. Five minutes pass. The baby who is at most three months old, is so sweet that this man does not get two seconds alone with his daughter.

We all note that every passing diner stops to speak to the father and adore the baby. They all leave with an instant smile, relaxed shoulders, and a kind of entranced enchantment. Now the father, you might guess, was annoyed, no? Here he is waiting for the rest of his company and he is relentlessly approached. Well, you’d be so very mistaken. In fact, this new father accepted all who passed with a warm smile.  And what a charming image father and daughter made - truly they enveloped us all in their love. 

This Father’s Day we toast all the dads out there - the new ones for all the growing that awaits them alongside their babies, and the established dads for all the giving, teaching, protecting and sustained love they provide.  We are so used to speaking openly about the challenges and triumphs of motherhood and so rarely speak of the same from the perspective of fatherhood. This weekend we hope the conversation widens and relaxes to embrace all the amazing wins of parenting. Here’s to you dads and to your unique, enduring presence in all our lives.

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  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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