• Mom and Baby - Tips for your first outing
Mom and Baby - Tips for your first outing

Spring has sprung and you- beautiful mama-have survived and even thrived these first weeks.  The house smells of baby everything meanwhile you’ve been recuperating, but the time has come: the outside world beckons.  The prospect of venturing out with bébé is as exciting as it is unnerving. We’ve compiled some tried and true tricks to make your first outing a confidence booster.

Some moms venture out with baby at three weeks and some wait until 12 weeks. We recommend speaking with your Pediatrician to decide when the time is right. Do not head out if baby is tired, hungry or during rush hours.

Place and Duration
Spring is a magical time to be out with baby. The temperature is comfortable, the breeze soothing, and the scent and sights of blooms and life revived, surround you.  We suggest staying clear of crowds in malls and aim for parks and cafe´ patios.  Choose a location that is close to home so jetting back is easy should the need arise. Be realistic in your expectations, do not aim for more than two hours, and feel proud of a thirty minute outing. Instead of attempting to squeeze in an errand, take the pressure off by making this first a relaxing experience for you both. The post office and groceries trip can wait for next time.

First time diaper changes and feeding in public take a bit of figuring out. Preparation is everything so get your kit in order: 3/4 diapers, wipes, ointment, a travel mini pad, and a soother. An organic cotton muslin cover is a multi purpose lifesaver: a privacy cover to keep strangers hands away from your little bundle, a breastfeeding cover for mom and babe, an impromptu change station cover, and a blanket to place on the grass for you and your little one. First time you are sure to overpack your stylin’ diaper bag (we all did) but by your third adventure we promise you’ll be a pro. Go on mama, time to get outside!

Mom taking baby outdoors for the first time

Mom smiling at baby

Mom and Dad first baby outing

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