• Designer Feature: Rylee and Cru for the cool babies
Designer Feature: Rylee and Cru for the cool babies

There is truth to the expression California Cool.  Is it the mild weather? The laid back vibe? Who can say, and truly does it matter when the end result is Rylee and Cru, a baby and children’s line that will have parents wishing to match their kids thread for thread (and now they can!).

Let’s review: illustrator mom Kelli Murray founds a line of hand dyed garments that are as soft on the eye as they are soft to the touch.  She nails a look that is vintagy and also totally now -boho cuts, bleached out colours, and subtle prints - the entire 2018 summer collection feels free and airy. 

Inspired by the seaside, the palette is neutral featuring delicate pinks, burnt umber, oats, and various takes on muted ocean blues and fern greens. All the pieces are intermixable making this collection a stylish parent’s dream come true.

Summer collection by Rylee and Cru

Pattern on pattern, colour on colour, layering these pieces is easy and fun - yup, even on no sleep you won’t be able to make a bad match.  On their own each garment can be considered a baby closet staple but together they make for that west coast ‘I just threw this on and am fabulous’ vibe. In Rylee and Cru we can pretty much guarantee baby will be fit for the beach, the pool, the cottage, the cafe, the patio, the-whatever-fabulous-place you and your darlings will hang this summer. And no, we are not overstating how much we love this line. Go on check out our catalogue here including some amazing curated Baby Gift Baskets. 

And now...for very limited time get the collection at 25% Discount with "RYLEE25" at checkout. 

Enjoy the Sale!

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