• Fall/Winter collection of Luxury Baby Gift Baskets
Fall/Winter collection of Luxury Baby Gift Baskets

As the mercury drops, it seems all around us the stuff of cooler climates resurfaces, until suddenly it is an explosion of gloves, booties, throws and such. And yet, there’s a current of ‘less is more’ that is gaining on the clutter. It may have started with the capsule closet but has since infiltrated our mass consumer tendencies.

Twice a year we prepare our luxury baby baskets for our corporate and private clients,  though I think of them more and more, these days, as perfectly curated capsules to meet baby’s needs for those new parents with discerning tastes. 

It’s true we profile many of the inspired and inspiring designers we source, but so much more goes into every basket. To begin with, there is a colour palette that needs to be taken into consideration, the quality and safety of the natural toys, the softness of the blankets, the little hand-picked accessories like books, shoes, body care, even down to the silky bows of our reusable wool baskets.  We work hard each season combining the best of the season’s offerings into our exclusive baby gifts. Each piece presents a unique balance of colours and textures, be it quirky, traditional, or chic. Rest assured, whichever you choose the quality will always please the recipient. 

This winter’s offerings are truly exceptional, we invite you to take a look at our newest capsule in a basket. Here are some of our offerings: 





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