• Behind the Scenes of our Photoshoot
Behind the Scenes of our Photoshoot

This season’s offerings are so awesome that we couldn’t help but open the door for a sneak peek at what goes down behind the scenes of our luxury baby basket design.

Bonjour Baby Baskets is a labour of love. For me the excitement builds to the great outfit making, basket designing, photoshoot, bonanza. We build relationships with designers we trust and admire, but getting our hands on the real thing and admiring their products (from the luxury materials, to the quirks of each design style) is a thrilling tactile experience. Simply explained: once we source all the goodies, the real fun begins.

Our marathon photoshoot is, of course, a family affair. From the styling, preparing our living room as a photo studio, to feeding the crew; everything is done 'in house', literally. My daughters are both incredibly stylish women, though their preferences differ greatly.  One veers towards elegance and refinement. The other boasts an effortlessly cool, rebel aesthetic.  Neither one would ever sacrifice quality for a cheap trend — not for themselves, nor for their daughters. It is this ethos, which informs our creations. Both bring their keen eye and we set to creating thirty plus luxury baskets twice a year to offer our corporate and private clients with equally discerning tastes.  Even the family dog, Bijou, helps with offers of cuddles and licks of encouragement. 

In case you suspect it is all work no play, a family lunch is part and parcel of the day. To wet your appetite we include some pics of this season’s baby fashions and our family working lunch...bon appetit!

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