• Father's Day 2020
Father's Day 2020

Here we are, Father’s Day 2020, in a half year that’s challenged us in every way. More than ever we must celebrate the importance of love and support in our lives.

Father's Day 2020 Blog post at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Dad, we salute you from the initial wonderment at baby’s arrival to all that awaits. First toe tickles, first steps, play, story time, more play, cuddles, morning routine, evening routine, even more play.  From daddy walks to daddy talks we celebrate the beginning of your journey this first of many Father’s Days to come.

Father's Day 2020 Blog by Bonjour Baby Baskets

We aren’t ones for matching baby to dad for the photo op, but dressing the little one for a fantastic Father’s Day activity feels right and looks better. Check-out our corporate baby gift baskets selections for many special options or for smaller individualized items, build your own gift to make dad’s smile that much brighter.

Father's day 2020 Blog by Bonjour Baby Baskets

Get Insta-ready with a practical and cool diaper bag, a soft blanket or any of these one-of-a-kind luxury gift baskets: The Baby Dragon Gift Basket for baby accompanied DDD&D ( Dads Do Dungeons and Dragons); the Japanese Ninja Basket comprised of the coolest designer finds for the discerning urban dad, Sandy Toes Gift Basket screams joy with the bluest blue and sunniest yellow for the picnic in the park outing and our Bright Stars Baby Gift Box for what else, but gazing up at the heavens on a clear summer’s night rocking your little bundle back to sleep. 

Luxury Baby Gift Basket at Bonjour Baby Baskets, perfect Corporate Baby Gifts

Sandy Toes Baby Gift Basket at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Luxury Baby Gift at Bonjour Baby Baskets, best corporate baby gifts

Wishing all the new dads a wonderful Father's Day 2020!! 
With love, 


  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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