• Gardening Happiness with the owner of Bonjour Baby Baskets
Gardening Happiness with the owner of Bonjour Baby Baskets

Last summer saw us mostly in our backyards, truly, there was nowhere to go. This year, as we move towards to a much anticipated reopening, I feel we have all developed a yearning for outdoors and a need to beautify our spaces so that both indoor and outdoor living work better for us. We moved to our house twenty two years ago and one of our celebrated neighbourhood joys was red currant picking and jellying. For me this was the event marking the enjoyment of summer. I even blogged about it a while back,  and while I am excited to resume the jamming and the socializing, my summer ritual has evolved in 2021.

Canning Happiness Blog at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Red Currant Fruits for Jelly

Red Currant Jelly Canning 2021

Best Recipe for Red Currant Jelly

This year, with more time in hand, I have put special care into growing our own food. I started around February with little carefully selected seeds caring for them with our LED lights until the seedlings were strong enough for transferring. We spent on the best soils and fertilizers —all organic, worm castings, and kelp fertilizer. The result? I think it is totally making a difference in the quality of the plants. We are growing four tomato varieties, cucumbers, hot peppers, potatoes, lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, and more. It’s all thriving and looking very lush and happy. Is it extra care? Great products? Or my personal silver lining of life under the circumstances? I foresee lots of enthusiastic canning in the near future - both tomatoes and peppers. Stay tuned....

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Little Seedlings under LED lights Berkeley Tomatoes

Tomatillo plant and husks

Sweetie Tomatoes

Hot Peppers

I would like to mention some great products that I have been using in the garden (this is not sponsored) just my truly honest opinion. 

Kelp Fertilizer from Organic Gardener's 
All Purpose Fertilizer from Gaia Green
Worm Castings from Pure Life Soil 


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