• Halloween for first time moms
Halloween for first time moms

This Halloween slay the scary stuff with a dose of baby sweetness. Not sure how to do baby’s first Halloween?

Option one: If you’re spooked the ringing doorbell is going to wake up baby’s bedtime, turn off the lights.  Head out as a little family or meet-up with another new mom for a walk to check out the neighbourhood decorations. Dress baby in a cute cozy fleece jumpsuit so he/she's warm but not overly heated. The motion and cool air will have him/her snoozing, while you wander the streets like the true night spirit you’ve become.

Baby dressed with bunny sweater with bunny toy

Option two: What you need is a family theme and with bébé in your arms watch those tween ghouls melt into sweet kids aka your future babysitters. Go as a critter family. We can suggest our Mini Rodini Squirrel Onesie and matching Donsje baby shoes, or the bunny suits from Petit Bateau
Cuter than a baby dressed as a critter, is a baby dressed as a critter cuddling a stuffed critter, check our adorable baby toys under our accessories collection

Baby dressed in mermaid suit for halloween

Baby with lamb hat

And you’re well on your way.
This year, no tricks, just more treats for you in the form of baby cuddles - and a Kit Kat or four.

With love, 

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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