• Here’s reading- First Baby Books
Here’s reading- First Baby Books

It is never too early to start building your baby's library.  We’ve been featuring sweet early reads in our luxury baby baskets and we'd love you to check our offerings to complement any of your fashion choices for our Build Your Own Basket (BYOB) options. The benefits for both baby and mama are plentiful and far reaching.

Feel silly reading to a one week old? Don’t, reading your little one stories is possibly the easiest form of bonding. The sound of a parent’s voice is instantly soothing to a baby. Long before a baby vocalizes she is taking in information. It has everything to do with hearing tone and rhythm, and learning that information and communication is being imparted. Picture books help babies focus on colours, shapes, and patterns, concepts they will recognize in the coming months.

Make it a habit early-on and watch the response from excited arm and leg movements, to smiles, wide eyes, and soothing cuddles. While you can read your newborns any old thing, aim for messages of love, the fun of Peter Rabbit, the humour of Sandra Boynton’s animals, and the classic wisdom of The Little Prince. Wee Gallery’s graphics are made for the newest of peepers.

Go on, get reading and watch them grow.

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