• How we choose the Designers for our Luxury Baby Gift Baskets
How we choose the Designers for our Luxury Baby Gift Baskets

With holidays around the corner, we thought in explaining what makes our designer picks we might aid you in deciding on yours for bébé. Let’s face it, baby threads are cute and often irresistible so how’s a gal to choose? And what is the difference, really, between fast fashion and quality pieces? Cute is cute, right? Well, actually, not so much. A piece be it a toy or a onesie that pills or breaks within the first two uses and ends up in a landfill is anything but cute. So lets break down what we think makes a great choice.

We look for luxurious, natural materials like recycled cotton, Pima or organic cotton, tencel, cashmere, and merino wool. Why? We want the best for baby’s delicate skin, and goods that will stand up to frequent washes and time.

How we choose the designers for our Luxury Baby Gift Baskets

Petit Bateau, for instance, has perfected their cotton onesies, we know the quality and care the company takes with the basic building blocks of their product. Merino wool and cashmere make our cut for their warmth, breathability, and softness. We regard these as heirloom pieces, they hold up from sibling to sibling to cousin, and stored properly even to a grandkid. We’ve written about Paz Rodriguez to introduce the possibility that baby cloths can have as a long shelf life as your best sweater-set. Little details like where the snaps or ties are placed make a difference for both ease of use (mom) and also comfort (baby).

Babies with Petit Bateau onesies at Bonjour Baby Baskets

How we choose the Designers for our Luxury Baby Gift Baskets

We’ve got something for every aesthetic from the fun of Mini Rodini, to the urban cool of 1+ In the Family, to the neat neutrals of Rylee and Cru.

Soft romper in beige by 1+ in the Family - Available at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Locally made goods from toy makers like Cuddle and Kind,  Lou Lou Lollipop, and others concerned with fair working conditions and locally sourced safe materials like wood and silicone free of nasty chemicals make our grade. We take care in selecting and building relationships with suppliers we trust so as to offer you the chicest, safest, cuddliest baby goods on the market. We want bébé to feel as good in our offerings as you feel making your choice.

Cuddle and Kind baby with doll at Bonjour Baby Baskets


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