• What new moms want, really, really want - A guide for the best baby gifts
What new moms want, really, really want - A guide for the best baby gifts

As I sit down to pen this week’s blog there’s an earworm I just can’t shake. So tell me what you want, what you really, really, want?

With gift giving season here, the Spice Girls just won’t let me be, and for a good reason. If you aren’t a parent and feel unsure what to gift a new mom or you’re an older mother and times are different as are people’s desires, how can you tell what she really, really, wants?!

Let’s be honest, even when asked, folks often won’t answer such a question directly. New moms, especially, can be overwhelmed by what they need, what they want, and what they’ve been passed down, so how’s a girl to know? Happily, we’ve got you covered. Bigger ticket items will always be valued. Winter can be pricey for new parents tackling new baby related bills. Every mom, though, wants a cozy baby for snowy walks. Check out our winter jumpsuit offerings in outerwear (always great to have an extra one because spit-up happens) or our Baby Cashmere Gift Boxes. These winter essentials can feel like a splurge to a new parent. On a budget? Smaller special items will be cherished just as much. Amimoc baby leather and sheepskin mocs are pretty, useful, and unique. Check our gift sets, boxes, and accessories, there’s luxury items at every price point.

A guide for the best baby gifts

Outerwear for babies during winter from our Guide for the best baby gifts

Leather and sheepskin booties for babies at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Can’t decide on a basket and new-mom is no help? Look to the mother’s personal style. Is she Sporty? Posh? Baby Spice? I’m only partially kidding. Neutrals or heirloom pieces will always be cherished for their soft aesthetic and refined knits that stand the test of time both in terms of trends and durability. Otherwise, have fun there’s something for every taste from the Beautiful Baby Girl Basket to  My Cutie Gift Basket. New moms want soft, easy, quality items that feel as special as their baby. When it comes from you it’s plenty special and thus very much what she really, really, wants.

Luxury Baby Girl Gift Basket at Bonjour Baby Baskets featuring Noralee

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