• Just me and my baby - First time going out without the baby
Just me and my baby - First time going out without the baby

Just me and my baby out on a Saturday night...without the baby...yikes, right? Going out for the first time post baby, just the two of you, can be a tad overwhelming. On the one hand—woohoo you get to step out on the town in a burp-up-free top, a.k.a. ‘the dressed-up new-mom look’.   On the other hand—will the baby be OK without you? Or more correctly, will you be OK without the baby? You’ve got a sitter (thank you mom!), you’ve got said top (thank you sister!), you are good to go, here are our tips to smooth the way.

Aim for no talk of baby. Now in all fairness, this bomb called parenthood has blown up your previous life’s order. Or rather, everything happily pivots around  le bébé  now so how can you not talk about the ‘new you’ and the ‘new us’ and that cute face she made this morning? You won’t be able to avoid the central topic altogether, but do try for as long as you’ve got on this date night. Do not fret if you find yourself grappling to make conversation with your favourite adult. It is a passing phase. For now getting to the actual date is an accomplishment, which brings us to...

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Choose an activity that naturally lends itself to conversation about what you are doing (or, which goes the other way to provide you with blissful silence).  Were you a triathlete before the birth? Might we suggest for the first little bit not going on an 80K ride and maybe going gentler, like say, bowling or a board game cafe.  These activities are sure to get you both laughing, and engaged with each other. While the weather is still mild take advantage of outdoor concerts, summer evening markets, and patios to keep you social outside of the baby bubble. 

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Thoughts about the cinema (everybody’s de facto date night):     
A truth we are happy to share - you’re pelvic floor is not in top form yet. In the first few months sitting through a full movie without using the ladies may not be an option. Skip the jumbo sized drink, choose your seats wisely, and be prepared to miss a plot twist. 

When is it OK to go out baby-free? That is an entirely personal choice.  For some it’s three weeks, for others, three months.  Whenever it should happen, keep the phone on vibrate but out of sight, connect with your partner, and try despite the nerves to let loose.  We promise it will get easier.

We love to hear from your experience the first time you went out without your babes. 




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