• Mamas For Mamas - Partnership with Bonjour Baby Baskets
Mamas For Mamas - Partnership with Bonjour Baby Baskets
Every year we pick a charity to support, where we feel that our donation can make an impact.  This year we are thrilled to support Mamas For Mamas — a national charitable organization that supports mothers in crisis —  which, is expanding to 50+ communities in need.  Founded by Shannon Christensen, what started as a clothing swap grew to provide wipes, formula, and baby gear, then grew even more as a kind of central space for moms and their kids to feel safe and comfortable when they come in for poverty relief support.

Mamas for Mamas Charity Organization in Canada

Financial poverty does not exist on its own. So often there is emotional upheaval, lack of resources, loneliness, and so much more that is intertwined with the inability to cloth one’s baby and often even feed oneself.  This amazing charity helps take care of the immediate needs and then goes a step further to direct women to existing community resources, and to fill the gaps in services. This can entail in-house counselling, social work, and often the simple kindness born of warmth and friendship. Any one of these offerings can turn a family’s future around. Mamas For Mamas changes traditional linear approaches to socio-economic barriers faced by struggling moms and their kiddos on a personal level.  One mom at a time, one family at a time, they are shifting the conversation. 

Last year, was a big one for them. Canadian TV celebrity and interior designer Jillian Harris, renovated the original Kelowna  location.  With the help of private and corporate organizations' donations a sum of $209,000 was raised. Post reno, $71,000 of that went to growth and development. 

Space at Mamas for Mamas designed by Jillian Harris

A happy mama makes a happy baby. Parenting certainly has its struggles but when basic needs can not be met, those struggles are tenfold. An organization like this is needed everywhere to help young families in need find surer footing into a safer, happier, future. We support their mission and work wholeheartedly, and are glad to have Bonjour Baby Baskets' mamas join their wider family of mamas on a mission.

Join us to support Mamas for Mamas!  A portion of each Bonjour Baby Baskets sold will go directly to help their organization. As women and moms, it is so important to keep building a strong, inspiring and relatable community where a women can find someone that can offer advice and support and make things a little bit easier, where women help each other in their journey and feel like they are not alone.

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