• May flowers and 2 amazing events: The Bump to Baby Show and Mother's Day with The New Mom Project
May flowers and 2 amazing events: The Bump to Baby Show and Mother's Day with The New Mom Project

April showers bring May flowers, and for us here at Bonjour Baby Basket a fun schedule that just won’t quit. It has been an eventful and exhilarating few weeks. We wanted to share the highlights.  

Always a pleasure to participate as vendors in The Bump to Baby Show, this time was no different.  Now in its third year, the co-founding bestie moms offer a fantastic and free event to inform families of services relating to nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle choices. Some amazing vendors caught our eye from Row Row Row Apparel’s unique custom play tents and crowns, to Obasan’s natural mattresses that have me thinking it is time to update my own.  Equally as delightful as discovering new creators, is reconnecting with old friends like the fabulous Care Sinclair from With Care.  This old instagram friend is all about education and inspiration from pregnancy to parenthood. Matter Company’s holistic personal care for mom and baby keeps growing. We have been proudly including their goods in our luxury baby baskets from the beginning. As for our best hits, the silicone baby tethers flew off our table and - we keep saying it - the classic and incomparable Petite Bateau onesies.

Row Row Apparel kids tents for playing

Obasan Organic and Natural Matresses

The second event close to our hearts is the Mother’s Day Luncheon for low income and marginalized families thrown by The New Mom Project in conjunction with St. Michael’s Hospital.  This year 100 amazing mothers came together to meet, share, and learn about nutrition, baby and mother care, breastfeeding, baby wearing and all that good stuff.  Every year we are moved by all the good work that goes into outreach for moms who need it most.  We were honoured to be invited once again to participate in this celebratory lunch. 

As we get ready to take a breather long enough to watch the Royal nuptials, we wish you a playful and restful long weekend.

With love, 


  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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