• Getting to Know You (us)
Getting to Know You (us)
We’ve collected the most common questions we’ve received, from our company history to style preferences, so you can get to know us a little better and we would love to hear if you have more questions for us. 

What inspired you to start BBB? 
I tried relentlessly to find quality luxury baby gift baskets to send to colleagues and clients. I was hunting for tasteful designer products that parents would treasure and actually use. Try as I might, I could not find such a gift anywhere. At one of our family gatherings, I was chatting with the kids about my frustration and we all agreed that there was a need of good quality gifts in the baby market.  They encouraged me to go for it and with their support, I found myself creating Bonjour Baby Baskets.  

You often mention family, is this a family business? 
Twenty-something years ago I made the best decision of my life by moving to Canada. It wasn't easy. I was alone with 3 young kids but we managed with positive thoughts and lots of love.  I consider myself fortunate to live in this country, especially Toronto, where opportunities abound and people from many parts of the world call themselves neighbours. I am thankful to live in a place where my kids grew surrounded by tolerance and acceptance.

Bonjour Baby Baskets is a dream that would not be a reality if not for their help. My children and their spouses are very creative and somehow (lucky me) their expertise are in several aspects of what starting a new business is all about. When I had that “light bulb” moment, I received great familial advice from a Marketing Director, an Advertising Manager, a Web Designer, and a Fashion Stylist.  Their opinions remain invaluable as we continue to build Bonjour Baby Baskets. 

Photo of Bonjour Baby Baskets Team

Bonjour Baby Baskets Team

How do you source your suppliers?
We take pride in what we do.  I look for the most natural, safe products in the market. We love visiting international fashion shows and we listen to trends, but we also use our own style sense to create a perfect baby gift.  We are passionate about discovering new talent in Canada and abroad, and we cherish close relationships with all our designers. There is so much creativity in the kids’ fashion world! 

Bonjour Baby Baskets Designers

What keeps you inspired? 
The great feedback that I receive from our clients, new and returning. We love surprising our clients (and ourselves) with fresh and exciting gift arrangements.  It is so nice to receive messages from our lovely customers on the great service they received and the uniqueness of our store. That is a great inspiration for us. 

Any future plans to share? 
When we started Bonjour Baby Baskets we envisioned a very special online boutique where customers could choose from a variety of exclusive baby gift baskets full of beautiful handpicked products.  We are the perfect hybrid between a Luxury Boutique and online store. We are constantly going to great lengths to find outstanding baby goods that excel in their quality, manufacturing standards, and design so every season we can curate a unique selection of baby gifts for our lovely clients. Our goal is to continue offering and surprising our clients with the Best Baby Gift Baskets in the market. 

Twins Baby Gifts at Bonjour Baby Baskets

New Arrivals at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Frills or elegance?
Both, depends on the baby and the occasion. 

Neutrals or Colour? I’ve a preference for neutrals, but there’s nothing like a riot of colour to celebrate the warmer months and accent colours to warm up winter wear.

Do I need a toy or book to fill a basket with a baby outfit? It’s a nice touch, but it depends on your budget. Your friends will be grateful for your generosity no matter the size.  
We love to hear your questions...
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