• Mom's the word - Best Mother's Day Gifts for New Mamas
Mom's the word - Best Mother's Day Gifts for New Mamas

We are going a bit off script on the occasion of this year’s Mother’s Day. The last two years called on mamas the world over to whip out every resource, every last ounce of ingenuity, strength, and beyond to keep going. That’s what mothers do, day in/day out, we keep at it. At last, we can venture out for a real “me time” of our choosing. While Bonjour Baby Basket is a luxury baby business, we strongly believe Mother’s Day is about just that — Mom!

Best Mother's Day Gifts for New Mamas at Bonjour Baby Baskets

This year we’d like to speak to a particular stage of motherhood: the pre-birth mother. With one foot-in and one foot-out dangling on the outskirts of parenthood, she is already busy doing mom things: feeding, restless sleeping, growing, organizing, changing, as her bean moves towards sprouting.  Pregnant now, her baby will arrive to a newly shaken world. Life for her is about to become busier than ever, so for now, let her revel undisturbed in her hobbies and passions. Is she a foodie? A spa girl? A dolled-up out-on-the-town type? Send her for a pregnant massage (a real thing!), a spa day with a pal, a fancy ‘full face’ brunch (some of my fave spots below), or be like my eldest daughter:

One to always march to her own beat, not a month before that belly popped she went to a concert up front and center (Depeche Mode, for the curious). Dare I say, she was photographed and feted almost as much as the headliners.

Celebrate your mom-to-be for all that makes her unique. It is these very qualities that will make her a terrific fully-fledged parent. Here’s to her and all that she will be!

(Still stuck? We’ve got Mailin Jewelry trendy minimalist silk cord bracelet with a 14K gold bead, or Canadian Potter and Pehar 100% linen Carrier for the nature lover to keep her cool and blissed outdoors). 

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