Wondering what to get for a first time expectant parent? Bonjour Baby Baskets has you covered with the best selection of luxury baskets for new parents.

There’s nothing quite like the scent of a newborn to fill you with a sense of reawakening. Along with these babies arrives a wave of very new parents - happy, exhausted, and a little frazzled. This year, especially, there’s  renewed excitement at family and friend gatherings to celebrate these new arrivals with well wishes and gifts to prop them-up for the initial parenting stage. Looking for a unique present? 

A luxury baby gift basket is the ultimate all in one gift. New parents purchase many basics from initial onesies and cribs to boatloads of diapers. Money at this stage can be tight and refined baby goods might not yet be on their radar. Our baskets elevate baby gifting from quantity to quality. We are talking natural breathable fibres, accessories free of harmful chemicals, cute lovies and board books to get the fun going. We curate the best designs for comfort and chic, while never losing sight of greater green considerations.

For the new parents in your life we’ve hand selected and curated every kind of baby gift basket style. From Rylee and Cru trendy boho-chic, to Petit Bateau practical comfort, to Paz exquisite formality, and 1+ In the Family exclusive fabrics and fun design, we’ve got baby covered with the newest releases. Check out our 2022 Spring offerings of floral, aquatic, earthy or urban luxury baby baskets. You’ll be sure to delight both the new parents and their Spring hatchling.    

Unique Baby Gifts for First Time Parents
Unique Baby Gift For First Time Parents at Bonjour Baby Baskets       

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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