• Upscale Baby Gift Ideas for 2022
Upscale Baby Gift Ideas for 2022

When a little one enters the world it is every parents wish to love them, protect them, and start them off right in the lap of luxury. That’s where we step in. Bonjour Baby Baskets is committed to bringing today’s babies the highest quality of designs and products with a wide selection for all types of tastes and sizes.

Upscale Baby Gifts Ideas for 2022 at Bonjour Baby Baskets

How to make an informed gifting choice? Simple, our landing page always offers some timely options under Featured Products. These tend to be our ‘certain to sellout’ luxury baskets. There’s almost always a trendy Rylee & Cru set for the baby hipster on your list. Next check out New Arrivals for ‘of the moment’ designers — currently we are loving the summer-ready Spanish-made Pan Con Chocolate with their colourful, distinctive prints and lux fabrics. Wanting something more for everyday use, less for fancy wear? Maybe smaller in size?

Ryee and Cru Trendy Baby Gifts at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Upscale Baby Gift Ideas for 2022 | Rylee and Cru

Pan con Chocolate Baby Fashion at Bonjour Baby Baskets | Upscale Baby Gifts

Look to our Accessories section, where the sheer cuteness might have you stumped. Worry not, Maileg’s old-timey critters are all sure charmers. The blankets of the 200 year old European brand David Fussenegger, will please any receiver due to both the top quality and the sweetness of the designs. Gift either as small tokens, or thoughtfully join both accessories in a Build Your Own Basket or Box (BYOB) for the perfect not too big, not too small, present.

Luxury Baby Blankets by David Fussenegger at Bonjour Baby Baskets

Upscale Baby Gift Ideas for 2022 at Bonjour Baby Baskets | Maileg Baby Toys

Baby boom season is upon us! If you feel spoiled for choice we are happy to chat and advise on the picking. Know that we at Bonjour Baby Baskets can be counted on for fast turnaround times, free delivery across the Canada and USA, and the most unique, upscale selection of baby goods out there.

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