• What is The Best Gift for a Pregnant Co-Worker?
What is The Best Gift for a Pregnant Co-Worker?

Being tasked with gifting for an expectant colleague can feel a bit daunting. I know, I’ve been there — that’s what initiated this business. Worry not, with over a decade shaping the business, I’m proud to offer tricks and solutions to make your choice effortless and successful. 

Begin by characterizing your work relationship, is it formal or cordial? What’s the dynamic at work? Is this gift from you, a group of work friends, or the entire office? Considering these factors will help to narrow your choice.

What is the best gift for a pregnancy co-worker? | Bonjour Baby Baskets

If the gift is from you alone, check-out our accessories section and roam free. Build Your Own Basket is an easy fun way to customize an individual newborn gift that speaks to your particular relationship, while keeping the cost within your budget. Ditto when picking on behalf of a friend group, weve plenty of high-end options that speak to your knowledge of the expectant colleagues taste.

Build Your Own Basket at Bonjour Baby Baskets

A corporate gift or from the office, must be tasteful. As such, look to our Neutral menu for baskets that are sure to be a hit. Currently, we are loving Naturapura’s 100% raw organic cotton goods. Made in Portugal and certified by the European Union Eco-Label, this line of products is perfect for delicate newborns especially those with skin sensitivities. Gifting solo? The sox box is simply too sweet and can be matched with a LouLou wooden teether or jumper of your choice and budget. For a group gift, the Welcome Baby Pack comes in three sized options and is an easy office newborn baby gift solution.

What is the best gift for a pregnant co-worker? | Luxury Baby Gifts at Bonjour Baby Baskets

As always, our premium baby gift basket orders are fulfilled super fast and shipped across the GTA, Canada and USA. Baby season is here! Get to know our site, we’re guessing it is gonna be a busy celebratory summer ahead.

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