• Yum Yum in their Tum Tum - Best Baby Foods
Yum Yum in their Tum Tum - Best Baby Foods

Ever wonder at infantilized noises and gestures like yum yum, num num, and vroom vroom meant to entice baby to eat? Ever wonder why all the drama, can’t mom just get that spoonful of mush into baby’s mouth? Yet here we are, winter’s newborns are about to become spring’s new eager eaters, and very soon you might find yourself spinning carrot cartwheels to transition your little one to solids. There is a lot of great material out there so let’s get you started with a few tips and shout-outs we think you’ll enjoy reading as much as we do.

Allergies: When my eldest granddaughter started solids, nuts were big on the ‘hold off’ list. Nut allergies are now at an all time high, and many believe it is due to their removal from early diets.  Your bestie is your go to on all things ‘parenting’, but her baby is a grade schooler, and her baby advise may be outdated.  Listen to your paediatrician, check out Health Canada’s nutrition guidelines. If there’s a sensitivity or allergy in the family proceed with caution. We loved Sprout Right when it came out in print, and are digging all the useful, factual information, safety tips,  and suggestions not to mention recipes on the blog.

All the colours of the rainbow: Introduce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and you will be laying a great foundation. First bites are a complete sensory experience filled with new textures, colours, and even sounds to accompany developing taste.  Don’t pressure baby to eat something as it can turn into a negative association. Simply bring it into circulation overtime in a variety of formats.  Snack alongside your baby and you will find it’s not just pregnant women that glow, but moms into the solids stage often enjoy the results of an improved diet themselves. Baby Foode will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about baby mush. This blog is a bevy of resources for toddlers recipes, snacks, kid lunches, meal planning, and more.

The spice of life: Step away from the vat of bland applesauce, did you know you can start adding spices to purée as early as six months? Did you know babies actually enjoy more complex flavours and a variety of mouth sensations? You can boost all your purées with the superpowers of spices and herbs and up the tasty quotient too. Not sure where to start? Check out Spice Spice Baby, and get educated. We certainly did. We promise these lessons will transform your adult dishes too.

There’s an army of mamas out there making amazing baby food and teaching us all how to up our game. It is winter’s last breath so get ready for fun making and sharing all those num num spoonfuls from spring’s fresh produce.

We love following these mamas on Instagram: Symply Nourished , Motherhood and Meals and Lunches and Littles ; let us know, who are you following for baby recipes?

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