• Nursery Design for the Modern Parents
Nursery Design for the Modern Parents
True story: An expecting mom we know fell in love with the decor of a nursery on Pinterest. She emulated it as best she could to fit the measurements of her room. Even the cute coloured flags, which instead of hanging by the crib, she fitted across the room in sweet semi-circles. A few sleepless nights into new parenthood, her partner - a very tall man- walked in zombie like at 2 am to check on the baby. The too-low draped flag banner caught him in the forehead, startled him, and with a thud he hit the floor and woke up the whole household. Luckily, the baby was not in hand. The flag banner, however, was gone by morning’s first cup of coffee.

We’ve all been there, the picture looks great, but in your real life version it may not work so well.   We suggest getting your inspiration from pictures, then catering the vision to your habits and lifestyle. Only be realistic, sleep will be precious for the next little while.  Are you outdoorsy, a pet owner, prone to spillage and accidents? The all white neutral nursery pics are very zen, but white plush carpeting might not last for long. Consider instead area mats and carpets that enable a baby to roll around and crawl in comfort and where a motif might get them on their little toes.

We love interesting storage solutions - of course all manner of baskets - but especially storage solutions that are multi-functional, as your needs change with baby’s growth. The room may well need rearranging a year or two in, so flexible storage solutions are handy. Don’t get stuck in gender cast colour schemes either.  After all, in Victorian times blue was for girls and pink for boys. Choose a palette that bring you happiness and calm.

The nursery is for you as much as it is for baby.  Create a space that you can move around in easily without having to choreograph movements around knick-knacks and such. After all, there will be plenty of soothing, nursing, and nodding-off in the room. Here are some looks we love to get you going.  And as always, we encourage you to share your baby space with us.

  • Susana Goldin-Douaire

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