• Lovely review by Kristyn Cole
Lovely review by Kristyn Cole

I’ve got to admit that being a first time mom there are so many things we got at the baby shower that we will definitely use and there are some things we got that we probably wont ever use. When it comes to family, your of course going to get something a little more expensive or practical for the new baby, like 12 packages of diapers all in the same size because you and I both know the new parents will go through them in a week. But when it comes to a friend having a baby, you’re thinking cute clothes, fun items, something you can say “Oh, I got him/her that!” and diapers just are not something very memorable since the new mom and dad see a new one every hour or so.

I’m so in love with my Bonjour Baby Baskets and everything it came with that I could have got a different one from absolutely everybody and been the most thrilled mother to be in the history of ever. Each basket set is filled with different stuff, you can pick one out for a girl, boy, or gender neutral if you don’t know yet for your best friend, cousin, sister, step sister twice removed… OR you can even create your own here and decide what you want in it. Then the basket gets shipped and you’re done. You didn’t even have to go through the baby section in Target and get your ovaries in a fit. Because let me tell you, as if I didn’t spend enough time in Target already… that baby section has me like “whew!” (insert emoji with girl throwing her hands in the air)


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